NTS call-blocking device improves quality of life of vulnerable residents

Published: 12 July 2018

Slough Borough Council has seen great success with the National Trading Standards (NTS) call-blocking device which stops nuisance calls from telephone scammers who target vulnerable and elderly residents.

The half-a-million-pound project, announced in April 2017 by Prime Minister Theresa May and funded by the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, involved more than 1,500 trueCall call blocking devices being installed in the properties of potentially vulnerable consumers across the country.

This included consumers with dementia and those deemed to be most at risk of receiving scam and nuisance calls.

Slough trading standards took part in the project where the trueCall blocker devices were installed with some residents who were experiencing a high number of unwanted calls.

One Slough resident said the device has “changed his life” after blocking 549 nuisance calls over a period of 303 days.

Throughout the project, which ran between May 2017 and April 2018, a total of 108,918 calls were blocked. A survey of those who had received the call blocker devices found that three quarters (75%) of participants reported they no longer feel at risk of falling victim to telephone scams.

Cllr Pavitar K Mann, cabinet member for consumer protection and regulation, said: “Nuisance calls have a huge impact on the lives and emotional wellbeing of vulnerable people. Many fall prey to giving up huge sums of money without even realising what they are getting into.

“The trueCall call blocking device has made a big difference for many vulnerable residents across the county, and I’m delighted we were able to offer some of the devices to residents who needed it in Slough, and that it has really helped them.”