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Shabnam Ali

Shabnam Ali

Shabnam Ali

Service Lead -Economic Development

I came back to Slough Borough Council after a few years working at another authority and there is an element of convenience to the location where I work, but there is so much more.

There is an emotional attachment to my work in that I care about this place at every level, and what I do has an effect on residents. I get to showcase Slough on the regional, national and international stage.

Although Slough is geographically small, we are home to many international businesses, and we are well known and well regarded in metropolitan areas as a borough which is going places. I’m a woman, I’m an ethnic minority and I have made it to the Senior Leadership Team.

There are opportunities in the organisation for people regardless of background and I have felt supported on my journey. I work with people who are energetic, full of ideas and innovations and there is a desire to see them through to fruition, and that is infectious.

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