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Dr Liz Brutus

Liz Brutus

Dr Liz Brutus

Service Lead - Public Health

I chose Slough almost by chance when an interim position came up at just the right time – a stroke of good fortune for me. Despite initial doubts about the commute across London or thinking that work wouldn’t be as satisfying in comparison to a London borough – both doubts were quashed as the work’s stimulating and rewarding and the journey reasonable.

Here, I can bring my Public Health expertise and passion for making a difference. We’re all busy and the work intense but I don’t feel alone. There’s a sense of friendly camaraderie and support that I’ve not experienced to such a positive extent in other organisations.

I’ve had supportive line management too and I’ve been encouraged with formal leadership development to support my next step up, to Director. There’s also increasing diversity at senior level which is refreshing.

I feel a growing openness to collaborate across both council and external partner organisations as we look at the opportunities to work with residents to help them achieve some of their goals in life - a decent start in life, a decent job, a decent home and good wellbeing to both create and enjoy all that. I love my job!

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