Slough moves into covid tier 2

The change will come into force at 00:01 Saturday 24 October. Find out more details about Slough going into tier 2 and what it means.

Please go to our coronavirus pages for the latest guidance, how services are affected, and what help is available.

Bank holiday collection dates

Christmas 2020 and New Year 2021

Normal collection Revised collection
Day Date Day Date
Monday 21 December Monday 21 December
Tuesday 22 December Tuesday 22 December
Wednesday 23 December Wednesday 23 December
Thursday 24 December Thursday 24 December
Friday 25 December Tuesday 29 December
Normal collection Revised collection
Day Date Day Date
Monday 28 December Wednesday 30 December
Tuesday 29  December Thursday 31 December
Wednesday 30 December Friday 1 January 2020
Thursday 31 December Saturday 2 January 2020
Friday 1 January 2020 Monday 4 January 2020
Normal collection Revised collection
Day Date Day Date
Monday 4 January 2020 Tuesday 5 January 2020
Tuesday 5 January 2020 Wednesday 6 January 2020
Wednesday 6 January 2020 Thursday 7 January 2020
Thursday 7 January 2020 Friday 8 January 2020
Friday 8 January 2020 Saturday 9 January 2020

When normal collections resume you can refer to your refuse and recycling collection days

Reduce waste, please check if any waste can be recycled.

Red bin

You can use your red bin for all your paper, card, thin paper, cans and tins, plastic and glass bottles and jars. They have to be loose and not in bags.

Green bin scheme

If you are a member of the green bin scheme please refer to your garden waste collection calendar which can be downloaded from the find bin collection days pages

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